Recruiting and Sourcing Software Talent Since 2006

Focused on Technical Niches

We headhunt software talent in the following markets: Colorado (Boulder and Denver) and California's Bay Area (SoMa and Silicon Valley). Our start-up software focus coupled with in-depth expertise in recruitment, employee selection, human resources and candidate sourcing provides our clients extremely in-demand engineering talent.

We have 8,000+ technical candidates in iHireAssociates “TalentACT” database. In addition to our proprietary database, we receive trusted engineering referrals and use the most up-to-date search strategies, techniques and software in the business.

Our Founder

John Gruenwald founded iHireAssociates in 2006 in San Diego, CA. He manages a full-cycle recruitment desk with a focus on recruiting senior software engineers.

Prior to establishing iHireAssociates, John worked for a handful of startup software companies in California. He has held leadership positions in human resources management, corporate recruitment, technical staffing, talent management consulting and contingent search.