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Let’s start with expectations...

iHireAssociates takes your time seriously! We are technical recruiters that take a long-term approach to recruitment and career coaching.

Our job is to understand your technical background, understand your areas of interest and gain in-depth understanding of your employment parameters which include: desired type of company, team, company culture, work-life balance you seek, daily commute, travel thresholds, compensation expectations, why you are considering making a career change, areas of strength, areas for improvement and learn about your targeted career growth and advancement plans. We are experts in matching technical talent with top companies and we follow a 30% better philosophy to advancing your career. Call us to learn more!

Your career is serious business to us...

We add significant value to your search and career when there is a mutual partnership that is based on meaningful engagement, conversation, transparency, trust and honesty. We work professional search assignments (not job orders) and your career is serious business to us. Our expectation is that we talk, meet in person and schedule our time to learn what’s important to you and your career. We are transparent and share all relevant details with you once we have a meaningful engagement established.

Advancing your career with iHireAssociates involves:

• Initial employment phone conversation (30 to 45 minutes) via a scheduled call
• Follow-up company and technical phone conversation (30 to 45 minutes) via a scheduled call
• Open discussion on technical match, your interest in company, interest in team/people, your interest in specific role and mutual agreement to move forward with professional introductions
• iHireAssociates meeting with all candidates presented to our clients; we meet candidates that meet our clients
• High-touch and real-time recruitment status...we over communicate so you are never in the dark

Our clients...

Our passion is early stage, high-growth information technology and software companies. Our client might be a 25 person software startup with 2 dogs needing to expand to 45 people and 5 dogs or an IT company at 100 employees expanding their technical team in order to meet product and business deliverables. We work with clients that might be descripted as SMB’s but generally our clients have less than 250 employees. All our clients are funded businesses, with products that could be pre or post launch and pre or post revenues. We place a high value on the quality of the people, leadership team, technical team, company culture, work vibe and overall technical and non-technical working environment.

Attributes and philosophies our clients may have:

• Work by phone, email, Skype, coffee shop, GitHub, onsite or offsite, etc.
• Distributed teams with highly flexible environments
• Your lifestyle that includes work
• Work really hard...do great work but have fun in the process
• Value results and meeting deliverables
• Nights and weekends will happen...but that is not the norm or schedule
• Employees are self-directed need ability to juggle multiple balls
• Cutting edge office space in some of best real estate Boulder and Denver has to offer

Your profile as an engineer, mobile developer or UX professional alignments to these statements:

• You support open-source web development and web frameworks
• You actively contribute to the open-source community
• Github, Stack Overview and other collaborative tools are part of you
• You have code, apps and design portfolios that are publicly accessible
• You have built best-in-class apps for phones, tablets and other devices
• You have formal degrees in engineering, mathematics, computers science, design, visual arts, web design & interactive media, etc.
• You are active in meetups, trainings, presentations and an active thought leader within your professional domain
• Books you read for fun include: Lean Startups by Eric Reis, Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet, Startup Communities by Brad Feld, etc.
• Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + are active tools for you

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